Sparrials (SPAHR-ree-uls) are energetic, adventurous, and intensely competitive. They are small, sleekly muscular, and covered in short, tan to rust colored fur. They have broad heads with a tapering face, and complicated three-jawed mouths. Sparrials originate on a protected preserve world, maintained by the Alliance until they discover spaceflight. But a community of Sparrials captured for study by a rogue irari scientist managed to free themselves and have grown into a large population that has distributed itself widely among the colonies and homeworlds of the Alliance.

Among Sparrials, petty theft is the way to establish social dominance. Sparrials will return stolen property, as the request acknowledges their prowess. When sparrials first meet, they watch one another carefully, and when a new group assembles, there is a frenzy of theft, counter theft, and denial that anything is missing. After a while, a pecking order shakes out, and the theft decreases in frequency (even if it never stops entirely).

Sparrials are not interested in social status, and care little for an individual’s position in society at large. They care far more about individual dominants, and will try to “score points” on whoever they happen to meet. It is best when meeting a sparrial to be formal and polite, and endure the “chip on the shoulder” attitude from the sparrial until he feels that one of you has established dominance. Things relax after that.

Sparrials language and names are mostly vowels, with a few “m”s, “r”s, and “l”s thrown in. Sparrials who have integrated into interstellar life often speak the irari language Elammel with outsiders.

Sparrials have an acute sense of smell. A sparrial will smell body chemistry associated with stress, and can detect when someone is lying to them, as long as they are able to smell the liar. Sparrials are honest with one another, whether or not they are as honest with other species. Sparrials make character judgments based on smell, as well. The first time any character encounters a sparrial, roll 1d-3. This is the reaction modifier that the character will have with every sparrial they ever meet.

Sparrial females produce children in litters of 3-7. They become fertile only if they remain in warm environments (over 75º) for several months. Sparrial courtship is initiated by the female, who will gift the male she pursues little gifts and food. This can last for years. When the males gives her a gift in return, it signals his acquiescence. Sparrial couples remain mated for life.

Sparrials are omnivores, but most sparrials who can afford it eat too much meat for optimal health. Sparrials focus on the here and now, and have little interest in art, although they love dancing and playing music. Sparrials do not like to sit quietly and listen to music, though. They feel compelled to participate, either by dancing or by singing or playing an instrument along with performers. One doesn’t take a sparrial to a symphony.

Native Gravity: .95G
Temperature Range: 30º -85º, 65º
Taboos: excretion, incest, cannibalism
Family Life: pair bonded, parents raise young, recreational sex
anytime, reproductive sex during warm weather
Society Notes: anarchist/ family based
Major Languages: Elammel, Sparrial


Sparrial names use 3-5 syllables, personal name blending into a family name. Sparrials seldom use consonants other than M, N, L, and R. The list below is of sample sparrial names.




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